New features in Praktika – what kept us busy

We have been busy lately adding new features to Praktika.

1) The most noticeable latest addition is our new spell-checker. It is just a standard, plain English vocabulary but it will help users avoid typos in the Clinical Notes or in the Treatment Plan descriptions.

2) We have added  printing functionality to the patient list directory. Users will be able to select a single patient or a group of patients and then print them as a list or as address labels.

This new button is located at the bottom of the Patient Directory screen. “Select All” checkbox selects/unselects all patients in the current view. If you need to narrow down your search you can use filters like Last & First names, Telephone numbers, or you can select patients using the patient number ranges. For the patient # range search use the question mark in place of digits. For example, search pattern “1002?” will find all patients with numbers ranging from 100200 to 100299.

3) Another feature that our users asked about is the ability to re-order procedures in quotations.

Using drag-and-drop technique you can drag selected procedure ( or several procedures) to the place you want them to appear in quote. System will then save your changes and the procedures in the quote will always be ordered in the same sequence.

4)Another small improvement in the Quotes area – you can select multiple procedures using Ctrl(Apple) or Shift buttons while clicking on the procedures for procedures deletion, addition or re-ordering in quotes.

5) When you searched for a procedure, Praktika looked up in every field, including the detailed procedure description. Sometimes, it was useful, but most of the times it was a nuisance, like in search for item code 281. We have added a new checkbox “Extended search” which indicates lookup in the detailed descriptions. By default, this option ids turned off, so your searches will be more refined.