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Deleting patient files

Monday, February 28th, 2011

We have recently received a number of support calls from Praktika users asking the same question: “How do I delete a patient file?”

It is possible to delete a patient file provided that the patient did not make any payments. Even if the patient has got a completed appointment, you can uncomplete the appointment, remove any procedures and then delete it. However, if there is a record of payments, you will not be able to delete a patient file as you need to have a ‘source’ in order to track the financial data.

To delete a patient file,  open Patient File/Personal Details and select the ‘Deleted’ Patient Status from a drop down box.

You can also use the ‘Suspended’ Patient Status if you want to restrict a patient from getting a new appointment. In this case there will be an error message shown if someone tries to create a new appointment.

The status ‘Guarantor Only’ is automatically selected when you create a guarantor. However, you can easily convert this patient into the regular one by changing ‘Guarantor Only’ to ‘Current’.


Credit Card Surcharges

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Praktika now has a newly released feature that aims to address issues concerning credit card charges – ability to apply surcharge to the billed amounts.  By default the surcharges are set to zero, but you can enter the required surcharge values in the Practice Management window (tab). We have placed the most commonly used credit cards in the interface – all you need to do is to enter the necessary surcharge amount.


Practice Management Window - Credit Card Surcharge

The surcharge amount can be entered either as a percentage of transaction or a set value in dollars.

Once the surcharge is set, it will automatically be added to the bill and charged if a payment is made with a credit card.

Payment Screen

Payment Screen - Credit Card Surcharge