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Medical History updated date

Monday, May 30th, 2011

We have released a new important feature – the last updated date for the patient Medical History. It allows Praktika users to identify patients which have not updated their Medical History records for more than 12 months.

When entering or updating Medical History details, the last updated defaults to the current date, but it could be backdated to any date in the past (setting this date to the future dates is now allowed).



When this date becomes older than 12 months, Praktika will display red cross ( medical alert) next to the patient name and also it will display the message on the Warning & Alerts screen.


Praktika Website updated

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Hello, everyone.
We have just updated our website –


It has a new cleaner look and simplified navigation. You can still find all the previous information and use it as your login point to your Praktika accounts.

We have also added new sections that deal mostly with the HICAPS integration – the necessary downloads, documentation and instructions.

The Praktika is Details section has become more detailed ))) It now includes hi res screenshots of Praktika modules.

We hope you will now enjoy our website more and will find it more convenient to use.

Provider numbers for hygienists & therapists

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

We have recently introduced a new update in Praktika dental software in regards to patient tax invoices and account statements printing.

According to Medicare, dental hygienists and dental therapists cannot be registered as service providers and therefore cannot be issued with a Medicare provider number. They can provide services only under the supervision or oversight of a dentist.

To conform with this requirement,  the name and provider number of a supervising dentist will now be printed on  patient tax invoices and account statements.  As to the practice management reports, the services rendered by dental hygienists and therapists will be still shown under their own name, so this change will not create any problem with providers’ accounts.

In order to set up this feature in Praktika, practice managers should assign hygienists and therapists with the provider number of the supervising dentist. Before printing the tax invoice or account statement, the system will check if the current provider is a hygienist or therapist and then substitute their name with a supervising dentist’s name.