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November 2011 New Features

Monday, November 14th, 2011

With the new version of Praktika released last night, we have included a few handy features you may like.
Firstly. You are now able to printout schedules for each individual surgery/room instead of printing all the rooms for a single date. For that, just click on the surgery/room name for the date you need the print out.


Secondly, the Treatment Plan’s functionality has been extended. You can now arrange the procedures into the visits, click on a visit number and create an appointment on hold with those procedures. Each appointment created this way will also have a note with the visit number to easier identify them.

Lastly, there is an added feature to your practice configuration. You can now further configure the Tax Invoice footer by adding the direct debit details. For that, go to the Practice Configuration, click on the Tax Invoice button and enter the necessary data.