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Patient Sharing between Locations – new features

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

As the Praktika family grows, we are facing new challenges, since more and more requests are coming our way.

Larger multi location businesses requested a more flexible and manageable patient sharing functionality than the one we previously had.

We have upgraded the Patient Sharing and here is the list what has been introduced or upgraded:

1. There is a new permission at the User level to allow sharing of patients.




2.  There is a new setting at the Practice level:   sharing all new patient files between the locations by default
Management -> Practice Details – > Patients
If the check-box is ticked, all the new patients will be automatically shared between all the practice locations.
3. Patient can now be shared only with particular locations (not with all).
Please mind, the person needs to be authorised to share patients.
In patient’s personal details:
Select the locations you want to share the Patient’s file with and update the records.
4. There is an option of sharing all the relevant guarantor patient files (as well as organisations) to the locations where a Patient’s file is shared with.

Fee Schedule Management Upgrades

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

There were two recent additions to Praktika Fee Schedule Management functionality.  Both were often requested and, meeting your demands, we have released them

First of all, we have implemented the Bulk Fee Change to the whole schedule.

Select a particular fee schedule and click “Increase fee by…” button at the bottom of the screen.

Then enter the requested percent increase , e.g. 5.0% or decrease: -5.0% to apply the change to all the prices in the fee schedule.

The second feature are Frequent Procedures.

You can mark certain procedures as frequent in the Fee Schedule

Then you can specify that you only want to see the procedures marked as “frequent”. This will allow you to filter out a lot of  rarely or never used procedures.

The Frequent Procedure setting can be set as default in Management – > Practice Details – > Appointments

If the check-box is ticked – Praktika will only show you the procedures marked as “frequent” when adding new procedures.

Praktika complimentary iPads

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

From our website you may have learnt that we have been providing complimentary iPads with Praktika subscriptions since the ADX12. This arrangement is still valid until the end of April, 2012. The Praktika Dental iPad app is also free to download from Apple’s App Store.  We have been keeping the Australia Post busy with dispatching iPads to our lucky clients.

iPads to be sent next week to subscribers

Hurry up to subscribe before the end of April, if you want to benefit from the offer. There are still two weeks left before this arrangement expires.

Praktika Dental on iPad gives you another dimension in managing your practice online.

Upcoming Appointment Report

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

We have extended the “Upcoming Appointments” functionality and decided to make it into a new standard report.

The access to it can be found in the Reports Section


The report allows you to view and print out the upcoming appointments for a set of patients over a specific time. You can choose a preset period of time or specify a custom time frame.

The report may be selected for the practice as a whole or for particular providers.

There is also a feature to export the data for a mail merge outside of Praktika (CSV file that can be used with MS Word, etc).


Mysterious problem with MailMerge csv files solved (blocked data source files)

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

We have recently bumped into a weird problem – when we extracted patient data from Praktika for the MailMerge, Microsoft Word on some Windows machine was refusing to open the .CSV file with the extracted data.

After a lot of investigations and byte-to-byte file comparisons we have found that the culprit was the infamous Windows security. For some really unknown reason Microsoft Word refused to open the CSV file and the error message was ridiculously helpless – “Unable to find data source”.

If you right click on the CSV file you can see the following message: “The file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer.”



If you come across this problem, you have to click the Unblock button to allow MS Word to open this file or as a permanent solution, you have to add to the list of your Trusted sites.

Here you can find the instructions how to do this:


The permanent solution for this issue is to change Windows Trusted sites security option. You need to go to “Control Panel” -> “Internet Options” -> “Security” -> (Select the “Trusted Sites” zone) -> “Custom level”. Under “Miscellaneous” choose Enable for “Access data sources across domains”.

Changes to Restorative Screen

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

We listen to you and that helps us improve Praktika. In the week following the ADX12 we have implemented a few new features which were requested by you.

First, we have redesigned the Restorative Charting screen.

1. It has a new layout – the oral cavity section was moved closer to the shortcut buttons and it was made larger

2. The charting is saved automatically every time you jump to another tooth, thus reducing the risk of the entered data to get lost

3. Now you can quickly select tooth surfaces with keyboard keys – (“O” – occlusal, “I” –  incisor), “D” – distal, (“B” – buccal, “F” – frontal), “M”- mescal, “L” – labial

4. You can instantly switch between teeth with forward and backward key buttons.


We are also developing an optional full screen version of the Restorative Charting to be even more convenient to work with.


Back from Sydney

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

ADX12 is over and it was a huge success for us. We met lots of people and spoke to tons of companies. The interest in Praktika is growing day by day  and we are determined to try and keep it this way.

Thanks to our existing customers who found time to come and say hello us at the expo. Thanks to our current and new business partners for their assistance and good references. We have formed some promising cooperation projects from which, we hope, everyone can benefit.  The practice management software market is becoming more competitive and that results in better quality products and in more competitive pricing.

Our special thanks go to Mervin Saultry and the Dental Innovations for their great support and to Dr Dimosthenis Mantokoudis from the AIDER clinic in Brisbane for his enormous assistance and help.