Finding duplicate patient records

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This is a common situation when a patient record is created in a hurry. Usually, it is a misspelled name or it can be  a last name stored in a first name’s field.

To help find these duplicate records, we have released a new “Finding Duplicate Patients” tool, which is located in “Patient Directory” tab.

There you can use two search options:

– Names, or

– Phone numbers.

The first option is simply looking for matching first  and  last names, while the second option is looking for similar home, work or mobile phone numbers.

The resulting table can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

We have also created the merge tool to combine two patient files records, but currently this tool is under our internal testing and not available to Praktika end-users. The reason for that is that the produced merged file is irreversible and if someone does it by mistake it will take a lot of efforts to restore both patient files from the backup. As soon as we come out with a version which will allow the reversible merge, we will release it to our all customers. In the meantime, if you find duplicate records, please email a merge request to and we will do it for you.