Staff Management module

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Today we have rolled out  a new module – Staff Management. The idea is that Practice Managers can now manage staff permissions themselves, unlike before when they were managed by us. The module is available to practice owners and practice managers by default. Others can be granted the necessary access rights by them.

In the new module you can see all users that have an access to the current practice (location).

You will be able to easily check who is currently being able to login into Praktika in your business. You can lock out users account if you wish to restrict some your staff to access the system (for example when staff member resigns) .

To unlock user account or to reset forgotten password you still have to contact  Support.

If you double click on the coloured Provider column value it will allow to update Medicare provider number.

The next step is to define user permissions for the current practice:

Most of the permissions are self-explaining, so I will briefly explain the subtle ones.

Practice Management tasks – access to the Staff Management module. If you give other user this permission, he or she will be able to grant/revoke other users permissions.

Run Financial Reports – grants user a permision to run standard financial reports like Cash Receipts, Ledger and Revenue.

Run Financial Reports for All Providers – if you have more then one provider in your practice, you maybe want to restrict them to check only their own financial records. If you grant user with that right, user will be able to select any provider or all of them and run the reports.

If you un-tick this option, providers who have a right to Run Financial Reports will be able to run the reports only for themselves. Non-providers will not be able to run financial reports at all.

Run Reports for the Past Dates – if you don’t give user that permission, user will not be able to select a dates ranges for the financial reports, it will be always the today’s date. This is useful if you want  your staff member to do the Cash reconciliation at the end of the day, but you don’t want that user to have an access to practice financial figures over some period. Of course, user should have a permission to Run Financial Reports as well.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions regarding this new module. Looking forward to hear your feedback.