Introducing a new feature in Praktika: Patient Appointment Reviews and Feedback!

You can now streamline your patient feedback process with the introduction of our appointment review request feature in Praktika. This tool allows you to automatically prompt patients to leave a review and give their feedback post-appointment.

Requesting patient feedback has never been easier. Here’s how it works:

1. Automatic review prompts: upon the completion of an appointment, patients will receive an automatic SMS request to submit a review for the treatment provided at your clinic. 

You can easily customise review request templates in Praktika. By tweaking the content and design of these templates, you can better align them with your brand image and communication style. Additionally, by setting specific times for SMS to reach patients you can ensure they are more likely to engage with the review request.

2. Manual review request: you also have the option to manually send a review request to the specific patients from the completed appointment screen. 

You can give your review request a personal touch by mentioning additional details about their appointment. This level of customisation allows for a more personalised approach, increasing the chances of receiving valuable feedback from patients and increasing the overall patient experience.


Get instant feedback: by reaching out to your patients immediately after an appointment, you can capture genuine feedback while it’s still fresh in their minds. This interaction can provide valuable insights on your patience experience and their journey.

Monitor the performance of your business: this feature seamlessly integrates with the Appointment Report and allows you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each appointment and monitor the performance of your business and team.

Identify areas for improvement: the ability to capture patient feedback instantly helps you address any concerns promptly and identify areas for improvement based on both quantitative (star rating) and qualitative (comments) feedback.

Increase patient satisfaction: by enabling your patients to provide detailed feedback, you can ensure that their concerns and preferences are effectively addressed which leads to increased patient satisfaction and retention. 

Increase online visibility and credibility: you can boost your reputation and drive more potential customers to choose your business by encouraging clients to share their positive experiences on Google.

Save time and effort: automating the process of requesting and collecting reviews, allows you to focus on more important task and continue to provide excellent service.

The appointment reviews feature in Praktika is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor the performance of your business and provide valuable insights for continuous improvement and growth.

Ultimately, this feature can transforms the way dental practices gather and leverage patient feedback, setting them apart in the current competitive industry landscape.

Anna Klimaszewska