Brisbane: Evening with the ADPA Qld and Workshop at AIDER

We have just returned from Brisbane where we had two very busy and fruitful days. The presentation at the Cricketers’ Club for the¬†Australian Dental Prosthetists Association Qld went really well. There was a lot of genuine interest in Praktika and we think we did a good job with the presentation.



Then on Saturday we had our first collaborative workshop at AIDER. Our huge thanks to Dimos Mantokoudis for organising the event. Great facility, great people. 6-7 hours went so quickly.



Was so wonderful to share opinions with our existing customers and get the feedback as well as to present and explain Praktika to all the new people. The event is a great success and we took a lot from it: heaps of useful comments and requests as well as lots of confidence that we are moving in the right direction.  The new Praktika iPad app was a hit.



We are grateful to everyone who attended our events. Thank you for spending your valuable weekend time with us.

We really enjoyed doing that. An excellent alternative to sitting in front of the monitor all day (and often all night :)) , and we will certainly continue organising such workshops in the future. Just follow or this blog for the information regarding new events. You can also follow us on twitter. #praktika_team