Praktika Online Appointment Booking
Version 1 (Block Type)

Praktika's Online Booking system can work on its own or in cooperation with any other 3rd Party online booking system (HealthEngine, MyHealth1st, etc.).

Praktika’s own Online Booking is free of charge for Praktika subscribers. You will only be charged a standard fee for the verification SMS that is sent to patients during the booking process.

If you would like to use it, please email us your request. We will provide you with a widget for your website and a special API key.

You can simply mark the areas in your appointment book to publish the slots available for online booking with a particular online service. Save and propagate the slots as you normally would with any other functional areas.

Once the slots are booked online by patients, the appointments are marked with the online booking icon that indicates the online booking confirmation. The icon is the same for all the services, although there is an appointment note that displays the service used for booking.

Patients access the Online Booking Services either via the 3rd Party Interfaces of your website (please get a widget from us for that). The patients are identified by their names, dates of birth and mobile phone numbers. All the existing patients are matched in Praktika’s database. For those patients we are not able to find a match, we create New Patient records. The online appointments are verified with a code sent to the patients’ mobiles.


This is an example of our widget that you can place on your website.

Online Booking Instructional Video (Version 1)

You can also watch our YouTube video on how to use the Praktika Online Bookings with your Praktika subscription.

You can watch other instructional videos on Praktika's Youtube Channel.

Version 2 (Rules Type)
This is a new version of Praktika's Online Booking System. Unlike the Version 1 which was based on creating Appointment blocks of set duration. this one is based on a system of rules that can be set to dynamically create Appointment blocks of required length and specific Treatment Types.

A practice may choose which approach better fits their workflow.
Version 2 allows practices to specify certain Online Booking (Treatment) types with patients being able to filter the appointment slots by type, provider or other criteria.

Please refer to the Praktika Online Booking (Version 2) Documentation how to setup and use this service.