Praktika Online Appointment Booking

We are delighted to inform you that Praktika has a fully operational Online Booking system now, that can work on its own or in cooperation with any other partner 3rd Party Online Booking system (like Health Engine, etc.).

Praktika’s own Online Booking is free of charge for Praktika subscribers. You will only be charged for the verification SMS that is sent to patients during the booking process. The SMS is charged at our standard SMS rate.

It is very easy to employ and use. If you would like to utilise it, please email us your request, we will enable the service and provide you with a widget for your website and a special API key.

When your online services are enabled, there appears a new set of buttons. Mark (Paint) the areas in your scheduler to publish the slots available for online booking with a particular online service. It can be a 3rd party service (HealthEngine) or it can be Praktika’s own free Online Booking service. Save and propagate the slots as you normally would with any other functional areas.

Once the slots are booked online by patients via any of the enabled Online Services, the Appointments are marked with the Online Booking Icon that indicates the online booking confirmation. The icon is the same for all the services, although there is an appointment note that displays the service used for booking.

Patients access the Online Booking Services either via the 3rd Party Interfaces of via your website (please get a widget from us for that). The patients are identified via their names, dates of birth and their mobile numbers. All the existing patients are matched in Praktika’s database. For those patients we are not able to find a match, we create New Patient records. The online appointments are verified with a code sent to the patients’ mobiles.

This is an example of the widget you can place at your website. This one books appointments in our TestDrive Practice 1 (Hawthorn).
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Medical History

Medical History Update

Praktika - Online Dental Practice Management Software Medical HistoryMedical History has been recently updated: the Last Updated Date field was introduced for the patient records. It allows Praktika users to identify patients which have not had their Medical History records updated for more than 12 months.
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Praktika is now with HICAPS

Praktika - Online Dental Practice Management Software What's newPraktika is now fully integrated with HICAPS. You can make claims, send quotations to health funds to instantly get to know the benefits. You can make EFTPOS payments both with credit and debit cards. You can hook up a HICAPS terminal to one computer in your local network and share this terminal with all other computers. The computer with the terminal connected must be a Windows machine, but all the other computers on the network can use any operating system.
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Praktika Dental - iPad

Praktika Dental is now at AppStore

Praktika - Online Dental Practice Management Software iPad iOSPraktika is now available as an iPad application. All current users of Praktika can download the Praktika Dental app for free. With Praktika Dental you can turn you dental practice completely paperless as it allows you to collect the patient information including a patient's signature electronically.
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Praktika Can Connect to Scanners

Praktika - Online Dental Practice Management Software PraktiSCANPraktika can connect to scanners now. Praktika's newest utility - PraktiSCAN allows browsers to connect to scanners (both office ones and X-Rays) and scan images and documents directly into the Praktika server
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Praktika can now connect directly to scanners and scan images and documents into the Patient Files. The utility code-named PraktiSCAN is capable to communicate with a variety of scanners via their TWAIN drivers.

The scanned files can be immediately saved to the Praktika's webservers or as files to local hard drives.

We are now compiling the list of all compatible scanners and other TWAIN driven devices that work with the PraktiSCAN.

The utility greatly facilitates working with scanned images and documents. It saves a lot of time and effort by elimating overheads of saving files to local drives and then uploading them to Praktika manually.