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HICAPS - Health Industry Claims And Payments Service. The company responsible for the switching of transactions to health funds from the terminal. HICAPS is Australia's leading electronic claiming service, providing members of participating health fund the convenience of electronic claims (health fund and Medicare Easyclaim) processing and payments at the point of service.

HICAPS comes with a terminal, which can be operated through the build-in interface or through an external interface provided by a Practice Management System. In our case, such interface is provided by Praktika.
For all the questions regarding the operations of the HICAPS terminal, software and services, please refer to the HICAPS Terminal User Guide, provided by HICAPS.

Praktika is now fully integrated with HICAPS. You can make claims, send quotations to health funds to instantly get to know the benefits and make EFTPOS payments both with credit and debit cards.

You can hook up a HICAPS terminal to one computer in your local network and share this terminal with all the other computers.

Praktika also runs a set of HICAPS specific reports that sum up the transactions done with the help of HICAPS terminal.

Praktika can run on any modern operating system, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. However, to be able to connect to a HICAPS terminal you have to use a personal computer with a Microsoft Windows operating system. You can share the terminal with other computers running various operating systems (including Mac OS X) within a local area network.


HICAPS System Requirements:
To install and run HICAPS terminal you need:


Installation Instructions:

Please refer to Praktika HICAPS User Manual for the installation instructions.

Praktika HICAPS User Manual (PDF)

Driver Downloads:

HICAPS Connect Driver

Keyspan High-Speed USB to Serial Adapter USA-19HS

Praktika HICAPS Module (Praktikaps)

Medicare Easy Claim Return Codes

HICAPS links:

Useful HICAPS Information & References
HICAPS Help Desk 1300 65 08 52

Note: you can run Microsoft Windows operating system on Apple's iMacs by installing Parallels software


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