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General Questions

What do you mean by the 'Online Dental Software'?

Unlike the traditional software packages that are installed and operated from your computer, Praktika runs over the Internet. Both data and software are supplied online.


Is it something completely new?

Not really. On-line services have become very common in such spheres as banking, ticket bookings, e-trade, etc.

In Australia, however, our somewhat slow internet connections did not allow to use online services to the full potential. With the faster broadband available now virtually anywhere in the country, this is changing very rapidly.


Why is on-line management better than from a local computer?

On-line management software was not there because it was not technically possible before. With the growth of the Internet and development of new technologies many services can now be supplied on-line.

It is a lot easier and cheaper to run management on-line. It is also a lot more flexible and strangely enough it is much more secure.


Why is it cheaper?

Because there aren't so many overheads as in the traditional model.

Firstly, you do not have to purchase any software and any extra hardware to start working. Any computer from the box is ready to run it.

Secondly, there are no licences, so you can run it on any number of computers you like.

Thirdly, the system maintenance, backups and support are free.

You can also save on time it takes to get yourself started. You can start using Praktika within minutes of subscription to the services.


Why is easier?

Because it is there ready for you to use.
This is one of those truly rare cases when you do not have to do anything else, but to use it:

- no need to install any software or apply any patches or upgrades;
- no need to back your data (it is all professionally backed up for you);
- no need to set-up complex computer networks and maintain them.

Any computer with a broadband connection is all you need. If your computer dies on you, you can be running your practice within the time it takes to unpack another computer and start it. No data will ever be lost as it goes to the remove server and gets backed up there the moment you enter it.


Why is more flexible?

Because you can run it from anywhere, be it your office, your home, internet cafe or a laptop with WiFi on the road. You can also do it on any number of computers.

It is also truly cross platform.
There is no other package available in Australia that will run on Windows (any version including 7), Mac OS X (versions from 10.6 Snow Leopard through to 10.8 Mountain Lion) at the same time. We also have the Praktika Dental iPad app.

If you love your iMacs and iPads, you'd be able to use them.


Why is it more secure?

It sounds ironic, does not it? Something on the Internet is more secure than something located in your office.
But in fact, it is. We went great lengths to make sure the data is most securely stored and provided to you. We understand how important your records are and can assure you that they are protected and given the respect they deserve.

First of all, the information is encrypted using the technology similar to what credit card companies and banks are using.

Secondly, our servers are located in highest security Australian data centres, protected by professional guards 24/7 with no unauthorised entry or access. The data centres have state of art fire protection.

Hardware firewalls protect our servers from hackers' attacks. 128-bit encryption keys make the data practically uncrackable.

In situations with your local computer and the backups on site, however, the data is stored on your computer rather insecurely. The computer can be stolen, or the content of its hard drive can be copied. Your computers are often left for extended periods of time unguarded and unprotected.

To provide a similar level of security at your premises you will have to implement a security system which will include a secure network administration, physical security systems and monitoring, security policies planning and implementation.
All this is very costly.

With Praktika you can assign various access levels to your employees, so that they can only view and work with data which is only relevant to their job responsibilities.

Because the data is not stored on your local computer nobody can actually copy and use it without your authorisation.


What happens if my Internet connection is lost?

The Internet connection in the past several years have become a lot more stable and it rarely drops down. Nevertheless we recommend a simple backup solution for that matter - the mobile Internet. The mobile internet has become very affordable and reliable. Most of the smart telephones now have data plans that will allow you to use Praktika in case you main connection is down. For more information refer to our Emergency Plan Documentation.


What happens if Praktika servers are down?

All Praktika servers are operating with triple redundancy. The data is backed up constantly and is copied to several locations. If one server goes down, the system automatically switches to a stand-by server. We are also using several carriers to have alternative connections in case one or two providers may be down.


Who owns the data and what happens if I decide to quit?

The data is owned by you. We are only custodians who securely store it for you and provide you a secure access to it. If you ever decide to stop using Praktika, we are obliged by law to return the data to you. The data then will be formated in a standard comma delimited set of files that can be imported into any modern data base.


Can I use digital X-Rays with Praktika?

Certainly, you can. In fact, Praktika takes it to the next level, where a digital image is accessible not only locally, but globally. All you need is to open your digital image in Praktika and save it. We are also developing a utility that will do the upload of digital files to Praktika automatically.


Running Praktika

What are system requirements?

There are not any specific restrictive system requirements.

You can run Praktika under any operating system.

You need an Internet browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Explorer, etc.

The resolution of your monitor should be at least 1024 x 768. The higher, the better, of course. The optimum size is 1600 x 1200 otherwise you will have to scroll a lot.

We recommend at least 2 GB of RAM for good performance.


Is my Internet connection fast enough?

We highly recommend a broadband connection. The faster the better, of course. Today's standard Australian Internet connection speeds provide adequate Praktika operation.

Praktika was tested and is successfully operated with land-line, mobile and WiFi Internet connections.


Using Praktika

How do I start using it?

You may as well start with our free Test Drive. Try it out and see if that's what you have been looking for.
If you are happy with the test, you then need to contact us by phone, fax or email, subscribe to Praktika services and receive access rights. That normally takes less than a business day.


Does it take long to learn?

We are aiming at the system being so intuitive that it would not require any special training.

We think that any computer literate person should be able to work out how to use it very quickly.

In case you have any issues with how to run it, we have a video help library with step-by-step instructions and support, both on-line and over the telephone.


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