Praktika - Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Has Praktika Been Around?

The Praktika project started in 2006

Praktika was conceived in 2006, the first public release was made on April 12, 2007.

Where is Praktika Used?

Praktika was specifically designed for the Australian Dental Industry

Currently Praktika is used in Australia and New Zealand dental practices.

How Many Practices are Using Praktika?

There are currently more than 1000 practices and over 9000 users.

Praktika's customer base is rapidly growing. It is very likely that Praktika is the fastest growing Dental Practice Management Software in Australia.

Is Praktika Australian Owned?

Praktika is 100% Australian Owned, Developed and Operated

Praktika Software is being developed and run by Lizard Software Pty Ltd, a Melbourne based private company. All the development, management and support is based in Australia. We do not outsource our development nor operations to other organisations and other countries as some other PMS vendors do.

Does Praktika Use 3rd Party Service Providers?

Praktika does not use 3rd party providers.

All the software, hardware and services are owned by Lizard Software Pty Ltd t/a as Praktika. Unlike other PMS vendors in Australia we do not utilise any 3rd Party Providers (like Google, Amazon, Apple, etc.).

The data resides on servers privately owned by Praktika and it is never transferred to the 3rd Party Web Service providers, unless it is specifically requested by our customers.

Who Owns the Data?

The Data is Owned Exclusively by the Customer

All the data stored on behalf of Praktika customers on Praktika web servers belong to the customers. We only serve as custodians of the data and will provide the data to the customer either upon request or upon the termination of the service agreement.

The data will be provided in open (unencrypted) formats: Comma Separated Values (CSV) files for textual data and the binary file formats as they were uploaded into Praktika.

Where are Praktika Servers Located?

All Praktika Servers are in Australia

Praktika only uses data-centres located in Australia. We do not store or send data to any servers overseas. Our servers are located in Australian metropolitan cities. Our data centres are connected with each other via a private high speed fibre link, providing a reliable and solid redundancy solution.

Praktika is fully compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) of storing and keeping all the medical and personal data within the Australian borders: APP8 (cross–border disclosure of personal information), APP 12 (Access to personal information) and Privacy Act 1988.

Why Is the Internet Cloud Technology is Better than the Traditional Client-Server?

Cloud Technology is more modern, cheaper and reliable

Internet Cloud Technology provides for a greater flexibility, accessibility, reliability, security and affordability. It follows the principle of "not storing all the eggs in one basket", which is very important from the security and data safety point of view. It also allows for the ability to provide otherwise very expensive services for a low fee.

Today, the Cloud technology seem to be the most popular platform for the modern software solutions in various industries: banking, hospitality, medicine, transportation, education and many others.

Are There Any Requirements for Computers?

You can use Mac OS or Windows computers

There are no specific requirements. However we would recommend a computer with at least
- 8GB or RAM,
- i5 or a better processor
- a monitor with at least 1400 x 1080 pixels resolution.

You can use a lower resolution monitor, although it would mean a lot of scrolling and it may slow your workflow down.

What Happens if my Internet Goes Down?

It Is Not a Problem

If your main landline Internet is down, you can still operate using a mobile device. You can use your mobile phone (iPhone or Android), iPad or a special 3G/4G modem to run a WiFi hotspot, so your computers will be able to connect to the Internet. The likelihood of both landline and mobile Internet going down at the same time is very low. 4G mobile techonology provides higher speeds than the fastest ADSL2+ links.

We suggest you keep your landline and mobile Internet with different providers, thus reducing the chance of the complete loss of connection.

Praktika Prices

How Much Will It Cost Me?

Praktika Operates with Flat Fees

Praktika Fees are flat and transparent. For a single location clinic with up to 2 surgeries (chairs), we charge our flat base fee of AUD $260

It includes:
- Software (always the latest version)
- 24/7 Customer Support
- Cloud Data Storage (10GB)
- Automated Continuous, Incremental and Off-site Backups
- Data Integrity and Data Health Checks
- Data Recovery
- Suspicious Activity Monitoring
- Online Staff Training and Re-Training
- Data Services (Custom Queries and Reporting)
- Integration with 3rd Party Services (HICAPS, TYRO, etc.)
- All Newly Developed Functional Units and Integrations

It does not include:
- SMS sent from Praktika

2-Way SMS are charged on "per used unit" basis and the fee depends on the overall quantity of the SMS used within a billed month.

For multi location clinics or clinics with large numbers of surgeries (chairs) or large amounts of data storage needs, please contact us for a quote.

Can You Guarantee the Prices Aren't Going to Change?

Praktika Prices Have Never Been Increased

Praktika currently operates with prices and fees established in 2012. There have never been any increases in prices and fees.

However, we can only guarantee the fees remain the same within the term of the signed service agreements. Currently, we do not have plans to increase the pricing.

Do You Charge per Computer or per User?

No, we don't. You can have as many computers or users as you like for the same monthly fee.

Praktika does not have individual (per user or per computer) licences. The fees are applicable per location (practice). We define a location as a registered place of business where one or more health practitioners perform treatment.

If you are not sure about how much it would cost you per month, please provide us with the configuration of your business and we will send you the correct quote.
Do You Charge for Custom Reports?

Praktika Custom Reports are Free

If you cannot find a particular report among Praktika's standard or advanced reports, we can provide it for you free of charge.

If the report you are after is recurring and you need it on a regular basis, we can build it into the application. If you need it rarely or one-off, we will send you the data.

Do You Charge for New Features or Integrations with Other Software or Services?

All New Features and Integrations are Free

Praktika is a software engineering company and we develop and release a lot of new features at regular intervals. All the new features as well as integrations with the 3rd Party software and services become parts of our standard package and they do not attract additional fees.

Do You Provide Discounts or Special Deals?

Praktika provides discounts to dental prosthetists

Dental prosthetists and denture clinics will receive a 50% discount on the monthly subscription fee.

For multiple location practices, mobile dentistry and allied health clinics, please contact us and provide your actual configuration to obtain a quote.

Using Praktika

How Do I Start Using Praktika?

Take a Test-Drive First

Before deciding to start using Praktika, we recommend you take our Test Drive and see if Praktika works for you.

You can also request an online demo session which we conduct via TeamViewer. You will need to conduct Praktika Support via email or phone to arrange this session.

If you like Praktika, you can then contact us by email, fax or telephone. We will then set up your practice and user accounts within a working day.

How Long Does it Take to Setup?

The Set-up Takes One Business Day

To set-up your practice account in Praktika we do not have to go to your premises. All the set-up is done on our servers.

Generally it takes a business day to get you up and running. It can be done faster if it is urgent.

What About the Data Conversion from My Existing Software?

We Can Convert Your Existing Data

We have converted data from numerous PMS. Some conversions are rather easy, some are very hard. Generally, it takes about 2 weeks to convert, test and deploy your data.

Please visit our Data Conversion page for more information on the matter.
Is there a Minimum Subscription Term?

There is no Minimum Subscription Term

The Initial Subcription Term is 12 months, then the Subscripts continues on the month-to-month basis.

You can terminate your Praktika subscription at any time with a 30 day notice only. There is no locking contract, no exit fees or any other termination fees.

The data stored in your customer account in Praktika belongs to you and we will send it to you upon the termination of your subscription

If you have not found answers to the questions you have about Praktika, its features and its pricing, please contact us either by email: or phone: 1300 325 735.