Staff Management updated

We have recently released a new feature in Staff Management module – staff resignations.

When you your staff members resigns you should go to the Managment -> Practice Staff screen and then click on the new “Resign” button.

The system will ask you to enter the resignation date:

The staff member will not appear in any lists, unless it is a provider.  Providers will be still shown in all reports and also you will be able to select this provider for the existing appointments.

The resignation procedure is┬áreversible, meaning that if you did it by mistake or the staff member eventually returned back it is very easy to restore the membership – there is cross button “X’ next to the resignation date – simply click on it and Praktika will restore staff member account.

You also have an option of suspending staff member account without a resignation. For that, you have to click on Lock Out button.

To unlock user account please call Praktika Online Dental Software support line 03 9005 5432.

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